Sunday funday

Making Sunday a fun day is hard for many people, I hear, because everyone is dreading Monday.  Why, is beyond me!  Monday is your fresh start to hopefully a fabulous week!  Remember, your attitude determines your altitude.  If you wish to have a dragging mood from Monday on, because you hate work, you hate exercise, you hate this and you hate that, then gosh, you are in need of an attitude adjustment.  Where do you get that?  Hmmm…A place of prayer, yoga, meditation off the top of my head…Or you can dive into a place that allows you to clear the clutter and think clearly so that you can enjoy life again!

Mondays, for me, is a day to begin again.  We get a new day, every day to create the being whom we wish to be.  For me, I rise first thing on Mondays, grab my fixings from Sunday and I go!  That is why I call this post-Sunday funday!  Sunday is the day to actually say, “Ok me!  You and I have a week ahead of us that deserves to have no hiccups when it comes to eating well and exercising-let’s prepare!”  Plan your work and work your plan.  Cut up your veggies, make a plan for the week ahead… Make your life simple!

This was my Sunday funday!

Woke up and trained clients

Went to farmer’s market

Went hiking with my dear friend

Went to a healthy lunch with that same friend after the hike

Got home and grabbed my car (since she drove)

Got a mani and pedi (I know, I know…But I take pride in myself and so should you!)

Got home and prepped all my farmer’s market veggies

Baked some veggies

Made a healthy dinner

Worked on the computer

Made my Spin Cd for Wednesday’s class

Made some phone calls to very important people in my life

Going to bed (a bit too late, but that’s ok since it won’t happen again tomorrow)

I made today fun.  I found “me” time.  I decided that today would be very productive, and it was.  Perhaps that is why I don’t want today to end!  But, fortunately, I have a busy schedule ahead of me this week and it is time to make more people smile.  That is a passion of mine!  Being a grumpy person who lacks a plan would never allow me to do this effectively, hence my Sunday funday!

So, have a great Monday people.  If you didn’t prep for the week on Sunday, then prep after reading this post.  Don’t wait to be healthy!  We can only live for today and prepare for tomorrow, right?

Enjoy my video, as always!  xo JZ