Mahi Mahi in the wild

Remember the days when human beings were hunters and gatherers?  Of course you don’t because you weren’t alive at that time, silly!  But based on historical resources, we were all hunters and gatherers and had to go out to catch our own food.  My friend Brandi, her lovely son Julius and her man just went fishing this weekend and caught some amazing fish.  What a great family trip that was.  Have you ever taken your family on a fishing trip?  I’m not talking to Sea World folks.  I’m talking about to the ocean where you got to rip the fish off the hook, skin it and then cook it?  No?  Why do that if you have the luxury to just pick up your collection of menus, decide what looks yummy for tonight, pick up the phone and order your meal?  Don’t even walk or drive to the place.  Let them come to you as you sit with the remote in your hand watching your favorite episode of Two and a Half Men.  Just Kidding.  You think I condone this picture? Ha ha!  Not if you know me well!

You, me, your friends, family and children must get off our tooshies and start moving again.  Start fueling your body with excellent nutrition.  I promise you that I will continually educate you with tips that I know so that you have the right tools to be a lean machine.  However, you need to open up the tool box on a daily basis.  You have to want it too.  I am thinking that you do if you’re following all of my posts.  As you can see, I have been placing a heavy emphasis on choosing the right meals.  Why?  Because I want you all to get out of the habit of dieting and begin diving into the journey of just being healthy.  It is a lifestyle commitment.  It takes a mental shift of you telling yourself that this is how your life is to be in order to reap the rewards of a lean body that feels right.  If you don’t feel right, your body is talking to you.  Are you listening?

Take control of your body today.  What is it deficient in?  What do you need to implement into your day?  Are you rested?  Are you eating small frequent meals?  Are you getting enough protein, healthy fats and the right type of carbs?  Are you exercising?  Are you taking care of yourself by listening to what the little child within you needs?  Yes, no, maybe so??  Life is one big lesson.  Put on your backpacks again as if to be on your way to school and prepare to acquire the necessary attentive listening skills you need to get an A+ in the lesson of life.  To get an A+, all you must do is start applying all of the things that I am teaching you.  It is time to once and for all be the healthy person who you wish to be.  You can do it!

Here is an amazing dinner menu thanks to my girl, Brandi Reed, who I call Sexxi B!

How to prepare Sexxi B’s Mahi Mahi dish from B Sexxi!

On a BBQ grill:

  1. 5 oz of fresh Mahi Mahi
  2. 1 tbsp of olive oil
  3. Tumeric
  4. Salt
  5. Garlic

Sautee some red onions, parsley and mango in a separate pan to be placed on top of your fish

Also grill up some white onions (cippolinis are the bomb when those suckers are in season!)

On the side, serve your dish with Green and Red bell peppers with 6 asparagus spears.  Yes, we know that asparagus makes your pee pee smell, but it’s good for you!

Bon appetit my beautiful people! xo JZ