Zen Foods 2

Take a glance at your workweek and decide ahead of time if you can realistically be on top of your “A” game as it relates to both eating well and getting your exercise in.  As a busy executive, you may need a little bit of assistance.  This may not be the time to act all macho.  Set up an account with a home delivery service and sign up for a week to a month and let them help you get through these rough busy times.  You are worth the cost of a gourmet chef preparing your 5 meals for you.

I love Zen Foods.  Why? First, I love the fact that they allowed me to integrate a lot of my nutriiton philosophies into a specific plan that you can call in for.  All you do is say, I want it JZ style and they will give you the nutrition plan that I developed.  It is low glycemic, calorically sound and you will be getting your veggies, proteins, and appropriate carbs in each meal throughout your day.  Second, the food is so good and it is delivered in different containers, labeled and ready to be eaten.  How cool is that?

It’s time to spend your time wisely.  What does this mean?  Form a weekly check list.  What is your plan of action this week  to make your lifestyle align with all the principles I’m teaching you to be lean and fit?  How many times are you scheduled to go to the gym?  When are you going to shop for your food?  When will you cook and prepare the food you buy?  When is your “me” time each day?  What will you be doing to give back to yourself today and every day?  Life is precious people.  These are all things you must do to ensure that you don’t burn out.  Once you burn out, you will be experiencing a whole different ball game.

So plan your work and work your plan.  I tell you this all the time right?  Are you listening?  Mmm hmmm….

Below is a video of the meal I dove into when I had Zen Foods delivery service.  Such a gift to have such a service!