Chicken dish in 20 minutes?

There are plenty of meals that you can make in less than 20 minutes.  What is holding you back?  Lack of recipes?  No, can’t be.  One can easily surf the internet and look for recipes all the time.  Time?  Come on-20 minutes is nothing, especially if it means eating a delicious dish like the one that I had.  Motivation to do so-ah hah!  Did I hit the nail on the head?  Well, we all get motivated by different things in life.  What are your motivators?  For me, I love feeling great and looking hot.  I live the lifestyle of a lean person every day.  The days that I don’t, I feel lethargic and just blah!  And so, I just stick to plan more often than not.  I love being on my “A” game.  I have so much to do these days that if my energy is lacking, then I can’t do all that I do in a single day.  I am no superhero, even though I sometimes fill my schedule as if I am.

So, make a date with yourself  once a week.  Cook for yourself.  Find a new recipe and just make it happen.  Rotate cooking with a friend so that you get healthy cooking for more than 1 day a week.  Build up to cooking more for yourself.  You deserve delicious food that is great for you.  Even if you are overweight today, consistency of these types of behaviors will get you lean in time.  Quick story: a patient just came in today and he said that he is not thrilled with the progress he’s made in 5 months.  In looking at him I was thinking if he was joking.  He wasn’t.  Well, we weighed him and he dropped 24 lbs through good nutrition and exercise with a personal trainer.  Ok!  Well, lets see how much of that weight was fat vs. muscle.  Not to damper the situation but weight loss means nothing to me.  It’s fat loss that means everything.  Why?  Because you can lose lots of muscle which will lower your metabolism.  Not a good thing.

And so, we scanned him and it turns out he went from 39.1% body fat to 31.1% body fat which is a 24 lb drop in fat.  Ok-now we’re talking!  WOW!

How did he do this?  He takes care of himself.  He wants it.  He has lots more weight and fat to lose, but at the end of the day, if he continues on with these phenomenol behaviors, he will get there.  It is all about consistency.  I cannot stress that enough.  Consistently act like a lean person and you eventually will be one!

Enjoy Brandi’s delectable dish.  Thanks B for sharing, once again!  You rock da house!

xo JZ