Yoga party

I always hear that when people go to parties, they are in a position where they have no idea what to eat.  They are presented with a lot of carbs, more carbs, fats, very little protein, and more carbs.  I luckily had the chance to experience a healthy party last night, however, my dilemma was-it was vegan.  As a woman who eats animal proteins, I was a bit lost, and a bit upset with myself for going on an empty stomach.  Rule number one; when you are going to a party, eat something light prior to the party so that you are not desperate when you get there and starving like you haven’t eaten for years.  That was me last night.

Despite this dilemma, I was able to get a plate full of stuff.  But wait! You are probably wondering why a vegan diet is not healthy.  The problem with this type of nutritional plan, is that there is very little protein and in order for you to be satiated or full, you have to eat a lot of the carbs and foods that have protein in them.  This will feed you with too many calories by the end of the party.  Not good for those of you who are losing weight…When you are presented with dishes that contain quinoa, pita breads, chips, vegan cakes and other high carb items, you shy away from them and are left with fruits, hummus, eggplant mix, and kale salad (that I brought).  And so, what do you do?

I personally ate lots of veggies, 1 serving of fruit and 2 servings of hummus.  I put a piece of cheese free cheesecake on my plate and ended up not eating it.  No matter how hungry I am, I will never eat something that has calories and fats and whatever else in it, unless it is worth it.  The cake you see on my plate was not worth it so I tossed it.  (trust me, I don’t like wasting food either).

So, aside from eating prior to the party, which I failed to do, plan on eating only the low glycemic stuff and leaving the party a bit hungry. Don’t fear being a bit hungry. You will survive and you will ultimately stay on your program.

Afterward, I went out with 2 of the party people toa wine bar on top of the mall at the 3rd street promenade and we sat there amongst the gorgeous night on an April evening sipping on 5 oz of white wine.  I ordered garlic shrimp skewers. YAY, protein.  (Even though that wasn’t my first choice either.)  All in all, last night was not an optimal night, but do you see how I made it work?  If not, let me know…It’s time to be the educated mind who can behave as a lean person no matter the situation.

Enjoy the clip below with the yoga party with all my yogis whom I love so dearly!