Go green!

I was shopping in Whole Foods today with my honey and he wanted to buy 2 tuna salad sandwiches for lunch for us.  I told him that we were not going to do that because we need greens.  We ended up getting turkey burger patties, ditched the buns, loaded up lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and grilled onions.  We also bought two small green salads to go.  What a deal-two side salads for $5.  At Whole Foods, can you believe it?  Wow!

It is very easy to bypass your green intake for the day.  You must stop in your tracks when choosing each of your meals, and make it happen.  Look for opportunities that will allow you to eat your greens.  For example, if you’re at Panera Bread, get a soup and a salad vs. a  huge carb loaded sandwich.  If you’re at Subway, get a salad instead of a subway or get a smaller sandwich wrap and a side green salad.  Always incorporate salads or even steamed veggies into your main meals.  You may not be used to this.  But, one thing you must get into your mind is that your gut is your second brain.  If your gut does not get ample amounts of green vegetables and other colorful vegetables, then your gut will perform suboptimally.  This will lead to poor molecule assimilation.  Poor molecule assimilation from the food you ingest will lead to gut sensitivities, and other health issues and deficiencies.  Disease can start from poor gut health.  This is all avoidable.

The main thing I find is that people keep barriers up when it comes to making these changes.  In other words, I hear, “I hate salads, salads are boring, how many salads can one eat, I can’t do that, I never ate vegetables and I’m not sure if I can…”  These are barriers.  Mental blocks from change.  The problem with this is that we will continue existing in the vortex of poor healthy eating and develop health concerns that cause us to age quickly if we don’t adopt these changes.  The mindset must somehow shift over to a place of looking at food as fuel vs pleasure!  Pleasure from food can come once in a while (I say once a week or even twice a month).  But at the end of the day, you are the one who gets to experience the sugar lows from poor eating.  Optimal nutrition leads to optimal performance in your job, your day, your life!  You will no longer feel tired and moody all the time, once you pay closer attention to eating well.  Healthy living is a way of life.  You can choose the journey of healthy living, or you can choose to live suboptimally and eat without thought.  Just know that you will be faced with other decisions later, such as which doctor to choose from to write a prescription for diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia meds to you.  This is a bummer position to be in and is also avoidable! What are you gonna do?