Lettuce wrap from Sprouts by JZ

No matter where you go, there is always, and I mean always a healthy option available for you.  After spending an hour grocery shopping with a friend, and being exposed to what I thought might be a pretty healthy store, I got myself a lettuce a wrap at the deli counter.  Deli counter, as you know, is where you get sandwiches.  However, I wanted a low glycemic meal that was quick and portable as I drove back to LA.

Let me quickly mention that the gentlemen working behind the counter appeared a bit confused at first with my request of getting a sandwich without bread.  But after I explained to them how to make it, they then proceeded to gather the ingredients and gift me with my desire.  My ah hah moment hit in that moment.  No wonder why most of the world doesn’t order this way-perhaps people just don’t know how to take charge of these types of situations and therefore settle for what’s available?  You don’t have to!  You will always have me to guide you.  I truly hope you use JZ FITNESS as your info gathering site to help you make healthier choices no matter where life brings you.  If you have any restaurants that you frequent and need my guidance on what to choose, private message me and lets create more JZ approved lists so that you can live life optimally, guilt free, and witha clue! (wink!)

  1. Sprouts turkey lettuce wrap.  Easy!
  2. Romaine lettuce (lots of it!  YUM!)
  3. Spicy mustard
  4. Nitrate Free turkey breast (3-4 oz depending on what you need)
  5. Tomato
  6. Red onion
  7. Pickles (pickled items are great for your gut)

When you get the wrap, it is huge, filling, and perfect for a meal or snack.  Remember, you want to eat every 3-4 hours every day.  Break your chains from skipping meals.  Start as of yesterday, but know what to order ok?  I am on your team!  We can do this! xo JZ