Islands Restaurant

Many of you have been hearing about my desire to come up with a list of JZ Approved menu items from various places that you visit.  So, while the quality of food may not be up to JZ standard, I would at least want to provide you with better meal options that you can choose from when at various places.  I love the expression that we can’t let perfect be the enemy of good.  So, with that said, let’s be good wherever we go!

For this post, let’s look at Islands.  It is a chain of restaurants and the biggest thing to do is to always order sauces and dressings on the side.  I would personally stick to water, but you can also choose unsweetened iced tea, hot tea, and perhaps coffee.  All other sodas, and alcoholic drinks, are not getting the green light.  Sorry.

So, check out the menu, and enjoy your company.  Make going out about the people you go out with, not the menu so much.  I mean, come on, commercial places as such aren’t exactly what we should gear our excitement around.  But heck, perhaps some of you look forward to escaping and Islands is where you escape to…(Perhaps save up and go to a real Island-HA!)

Enjoy!  Remember to print out this page, bring it with you and tell your server to order exactly how the meal is listed on this page.  Otherwise, we can’t claim the JZ Fitness stamp of approval. Ayt?