Mahi Bean-n-Broccoli

Wild white fish is my favorite. Low calorie, light and simply delish! You will see how easy this dish is to make, so bare in mind that the easier the dish, the more likely you will do it, right?  First, get into the habit of buying your fish fresh, and when need be, put the wild patties in the freezer for later.  Trader Joes and Whole Foods both have a lovely selection to choose from.  Again, wild-not farm raised.  Tilapia is a farm raised fish.  I know, you love it, but it isn’t optimal.  Because your body IS your temple, you’ve gotta feed it with only the best.  Tilapia doesn’t make the list.  Sorry!

In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I clearly highlight in tool #59 all of the proteins that are the most optimal for your body and your weight loss journey.  It helps to know what portions you need to consume for your body type, too.  You will see that my fish split into 2 (by accident-hee hee) but altogether measured out to be 5 oz which is what I need for dinner.  How do you know what you need?  Read my book! (wink wink!)

To this dish, I added low sodium organic black eyed peas, combined with Trader Joes frozen peppers and onions, fresh organic broccoli from Whole Foods (you do NOT need to bounce from store to store-I literally stock my freezer up with things from both groceries and then combine things over time as a trial, and when it’s yummy, I share with you!)

So, this is what you do.

What you need:

Wild Mahi Mahi (get a 4 pack at Trader Joes or at Whole foods. -Key word=Wild)

Organic lemon sliced up

Fresh crushed garlic (you can even get a jar of this for convenience)

Fresh ground pepper


Low sodium organic Black eyed peas (check your labels people!  Sodium is through the roof on canned items and even frozen!)

Peppers and onions (option to be frozen)

Organic broccoli cut up into pieces (get your broccoli fresh. I can taste the difference!)

Salsa (homemade) on top of the side dish (awesome option-my friend Dr Lucia Chavez is coming out with this fabulous salsa)

How to do it:

Defrost the Mahi Mahi if it’s frozen

In a pan, put fresh garlic in along with 1 tbsp of I can’t believe it’s not butter, let brown a bit, put the mahi mahi patty on top ofthat and put some fresh garlic on top of the patties, along with some fresh cut lemon squeezed all over the fish

Flip the fish allowing it to brown on both sides, occasionally placing that garlic on top of the cooking meat and to keep the garlic from burning to the pan (learn from my mistake!)

In the meanwhile in another skillet, place another tbsp of that I can’t believe it’s not butter into the pan and dump in the broccoli to cook.  Then add in the can of beans along with the onions and peppers.  Add some cayenne pepper to this mix.  Did you know that cayenne pepper is an amazing anti-inflammatory? Super cool.  You can add a dash of crushed red pepper into the mix along with a dash of garlic powder.  (stay away from salt cause there is plenty of salt from these ingredients!)

Once the contents cook, that is the fish and the bean medley, serve on the same plate with a generous serving of some fresh salsa on top. Drink a tall glass of fresh water and there you have it.  You will feel so light and spend your evening feeling great about, well, life!

Check out my video with my personal chef, “Health-e-Chef”