BBQ Hot Dogs and Burgers


I love BBQing because it reminds me of being a little girl. My mom would BBQ steaks, hot dogs, chicken and burgers. She would do this when the weather was nice and now that I live in a climate that’s always nice, I crave these treats more often.

I figured, why not figure out a ways to have this whenever the heck I want? So I did. Ditch the bun, and have some fun! LOL!

My hubby made hot dogs and grass fed burgers the other night. While hot dogs are indeed processed, I believe if you have one or two small ones every so often, no problem. We are big fans of the taste of Hebrew National. And for the burger, he made just enough to give us both 2 small patties each. If you do the math, that is technically 4 total meals with lots of red meat which may not be the best for most, so definitely only make what you need for that particular meal and stick to one serving of hot dog every so often and the grass fed burger only once a week. Quality is key when you choose your proteins, so choose wisely.

While you’re only seldomly eating this, it’s best to find alternatives to inflammatory provoking foods such as bread to ensure that you can stick to a good nutritional plan throughout the year.

Keep your life simple, especially if you have a whole family to feed:

What to get:

Hebrew National hotdogs

Grass fed beef (or lean turkey meat)

Romaine lettuce (the big leaves)

Low sodium sauerkraut

Deli mustard

Herb list:



Black pepper

Himalayan pink sea salt

What to do:

Prep the meats in a pan. Sprinkle all the herbs on top. Cook. Then lay on the mustard, sauerkraut (which is great for your gut health), and wrap it up in the lettuce. Yes, both the burgers AND hotdogs. Feel free to use a non-high fructose corn syrup ketchup for the burgers.

We also made some salads for the side such as kale salad slaw from Trader Joes which made our lives EASY! Done and Done!