Portion of salad dressing

This is gonna be a short, sweet and to the point post.  First and foremost, salad dressing is not a necessity to the body.  It is a condiment just as much as cheese is.  Yes, cheese!  For those of you who eat cheese all day and all night thinking, it’s a protein, you are wrong.  It has protein in it, but it is minimal compared to the saturated fat that is in there, causing you to be fat.  So, cut the cheese…As in outta your plan!

As for dressings, check out my video down below.  You will truly see what 2 tbsp really looks like, thanks to Slender Zone’s home delivery service that I’m currently on.  They package their dressings to equal the right amount.  Lately, I’ve been seeing people add their2 tablespoons of dressing when they’re dining out with me and it looks like a painful experience for them.  Why?  Because these same people tend to load on the dressing to a point where you want to ask them if they want some veggies with their dressing.  Ridiculous amounts, I tell you!  Well, you may know because perhaps that’s you….What cracks me up is when I turn my head for a moment or shut my eyes to sneeze, and they pour on the rest of their dressing while giving me a sly grimace expression.  Ha!  Who are they fooling?  Certainly not me!

So, make sure you understand portion control, not only with salad dressing, but with everything.  Get Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  Every tool that you need for success is in there.  This journey doesn’t have to be rocket science.  I have all the basics covered.  You deserve to be part of the movement of good health and fitness.  You can do it! xo JZ