La Salsa – Fast Food Friday

As you already know, I am not a fast food restaurant fan, BUT, I have many people who always ask me to design menus for them that revolve around fast food options. Oy, is my first response.  My second response is to provide them with tools that get them through a fast food joint experience without completely falling off the wagon.  So please, do not think that I am some crazy fitness guru who has lost her lid.  If you go to one of my fast food Friday places, choose ONLY what is listed on the post.  If you choose something outside of what I recommend, it is on you (the choice, and the pounds too!)

So, La Salsa!  Not too shabby when you choose the following 3 options.  Make sure you print this post out and bring it with you!

1) Fire Roasted Bowl with Chicken: Put the dressing on the side as well as the cheese and poblana creme (whatever the heck that is!)

2) Chipotle Salad with NO tortilla strips and dressing on the side.  (you can put on 2 tbsp of dressing or better yet, put on pico de gallo!)

3) Chile Lime Salad with NO tortilla strips and dressing on the side.  Same as above with the dressing.  

DO NOT GET THE FREE CHIPS THAT COME WITH YOUR MEAL.  They are super duper fattening and completely worthless nutritionally.   If you do not take them, you will not eat them.  I know they are free, but the calories are not.  So, start today by getting in the habit of only fueling your body with the best possible nutrition.  It is so worth it because as soon as you see your body transforming, you will realize that none of these poor habits are worth it.  If you cannot control yourself and you find yourself feeling all sad, and lonely without your tortilla chips, then avoid this place altogether!  But come on, the salads I mentioned above are very tasty and satiating.  Remember, you get to eat 5 times a day.  So, as long as you are consuming small frequent meals (tool #31 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools) then you should be good to go for the day!