Mahi Mahi Gumbo

My mother has inspired me to continue creating easy to make hot dishes for the cold season ahead.  Salads don’t always cut it for her, as they shouldn’t.  So, I came up with another gumbo, which I find to be so extremely easy to prepare.  And, it is off the charts yummy!  So, no matter which white fish you enjoy, choose a wild caught fish (mine was Mahi Mahi from Trader Joes) and consider getting it frozen.  It lasts longer and it is cheaper.  Wild caught fish is something that I truly believe in compared to farm raised so for all you tilapia lovers, you are eating the runoff from the farm.  Is it that bad?  Who knows!

So to make life simple, get the following ingredients for your gumbo:

  1. 2 frozen wild caught white fish
  2. diced fresh organic garlic in a jar
  3. Cayenne pepper or hot pepper flakes
  4. Lemon
  5. Seafood seasoning (optional)
  6. Eggplant and Zucchini Malange at Trader Joes (frozen section)
  7. 2 small sweet potatoes


Easily, first put those 2 sweet potatoes in the pot and boil them.  I would personally cut them in half to cook quicker.  While that is boiling, defrost the fish for 3 minutes under some water in a clean drainer.  Get a frying pan and put 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.  Add in some spray as well and the chopped garlic.  Do not overcook the garlic, like I did once.  Hee hee… Add in the defrosted fish and cook 95% through.  In a separate pan, cook the frozen eggplant and zucchini malange -the whole package.  Stir occasionally so this too does not burn.  You are probably asking, well do I put olive oil on the pan for this pan?  The answer is NO!  Just spray oil.  Got it?

Keep track of all elements; the boiling sweet potatoes, the cooking fish and the malange. Once the fish is cooked, add it to the malange in cubes and cube the sweet potato too into the malange.  Mix all ingredients together and voila-dinner is served in less than 20 minutes.  Dinner for 2, or dinner for 1 plus leftovers for another meal!  Good stuff!