Carl’s Jr-Fast Food Fridays

To this day, I continue to shock myself for wanting to even provide information that will continue your visits to such suboptimal places.  But, realistically speaking, I would rather you be in a position where you have education to support every nutritional choice you make moving forward.  So if you don’t mind eating non-organic meat and food, then so be it.  I will, like I always tell you, be your biggest support system throughout your journey.

Please note, I am a big believer in free range chicken, wild fish, grass fed beef.  You never get this at fast food joints.  Never.  So, do your best to pack your lunch and move through your weeks with a good plan of action to remain not only healthy nutritionally, but active too.  Fast Food Fridays are provided to remind you that Fridays shall also serve you as a day to reflect on all the positive things you’ve done for yourself to enhance your health.  Remember, you have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.  What did you do this week to serve all or even some?  Write down your answer?  I am asking this question so that you actually answer it, even though I am not presently there with you. 😉

Ok, so here we have it-Carl’s Jr:

Charbroiled Chicken Club sandwich with no buns and no bacon, all sauce on the side (1 tbsp of whatever is usually on here is fine, not optimal, but fine!)  Ask them to make it as a lettuce wrap with extra lettuce

Grilled Chicken Salad with dressing on the side

That’s all folks.  If you choose anything out of these guidelines, you’re on your own.  How badly do you want to feel good, be healthy and age gracefully?