Let your friend cook PART 2

You can’t always be the one to cook healthy meals all the time.  So, I have a sweeeeeeet solution.  I have an amazing girlfriend, Sexxi B, who is an amazing chef who cooks food and shares her new recipes with me.  How lucky can a girl be?  We do this for each other.  For example, I bake my famous almond flour chocolate chip cookies for her once in a while.    I also cook a delicious breakfast every morning for her,  otherwise, my Sexxi B will not eat that meal.  No es bueno!  I cannot stress this enough; Breakfast is super duper duper important.  You are breaking a fast and jumpstarting your metabolism when you eat Breakfast.  When you don’t, the body starves.  The body holds fat and uses the stores in the liver and the muscle to supply your cardio-respiratory and brain with “food.”  Do not rape your body of that opportunity, ayt?

Ok, so!  If you are looking to lean out and you don’t wanna do it alone, then find a friend who you can cook for you once a week and in return, cook for them, too.  Two healthy meals will go a long way to keep you in the game of eating a good home cooked meal every week.  For those days that you have no time at all, perhaps cook enough food to last you for several meals.  It will be the same meal, but heck, at least it’s healthy and at least it’s yummy (I hope!)  You will also learn new recipes this way!

Cooking food and sharing it with others is a great way of showing your appreciation and love for those you treasure.  What is the expression? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Well, that expression can certainly work for us ladies too!  At least for me!

Make sure you read all of my nutrition posts.  I give you tons and tons of excellent on- the- go options for good healthy eating that is ALL low glycemic (low sugar loads) and delicious.  I am a very fastidious eater so you can rest assure that none of the meals that I share with you are boring.  If you think that any of my meal ideas are boring, then you’re crazy!  Just kidding!

Anyhoo, here is Sexxi B’s awesome Wahoo meal.  It took her only 20 minutes to prepare.  The most cumbersome part was cutting up the veggies and fruits.  The great news is, every supermarket has diced up veggies for your convenience so that all you have to do is turn on the fire (both to your stomach and the stove-hee hee!)  Enjoy the video below!

Sweet and spice and everything nice, Wahoo for you!

First sauté (in olive oil) red peppers and onions and 1 diced Serrano chile with the seeds removed

Throw in all the greens (3 handfuls) including spinach, chard and kale.  Once greens are wilted, add in 4 tbsp of crushed pineapple and 1 tbsp of the juice.  Saute for a few more minutes.

Toss in 1 diced aroma tomato

In another pan, heat up olive oil and take white fish, season it with garlic sauce and lemon pepper on both sides.  Add it into hot pan.  Pour soy sauce onto fish while cooking.  Once whitefish is seared, put toppings onto the fish and voila!  You get an amazing home cooked meal.  Thank you Sexxi B from www.Bsexxi.com