Tuna on arugula salad

There is nothing more amazing than getting meals delivered right to your door every single day.  What a luxury.  The great thing is, you do not need to shop, cook, or think about what you’re going to make.  I was blessed with Zen Foods delivery service for 7 consecutive days.  Not only is their food fresh, but they are quite concise with their portions.  Yesterday, after doing a photo shoot for G-Loves, I dove into a tuna salad that was off the charts.  For those of you who wish to learn about quick easy, yummy dishes, then it is my pleasure to continue providing you with the basics of making things great.  To make this amazing salad, here is my interpretation of the ingredients you’ll need:


Can of albacore tuna





White beans


Go to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or any farmer’s market and get all the ingredients there.  This salad is super easy to prepare.

Buy a tub of the arugula salad.  Place the tub on the counter or distribute the leaves onto a plate.  Tuna salad: Grab a small bowl to mix all tuna salad ingredients in.  Boil the artichokes until the leaves are dark green. Remove the hearts and place them into the small bowl.
For anyone who must have artichokes and don’t want to boil them, I know that Whole Foods prepares an artichoke mix that is prepackaged in the produce section that you can simply purchase and throw into the mix.   This will make this situation faster of course.  Then, dice up a couple of Bubbies pickles and red peppers.  Place into the bowl.  Add the tuna and avocado and mix together.  For spices, feel free to add some pepper and perhaps a dash of sea salt.  Add a teaspoon of mustard in.  Mix it all together.  Then put that on top of the arugula along with sliced yellow peppers and the cooked white beans on the leaves too.  Whallah!  That’s it!