Wrong salad

Ever go to a restaurant and you explicitly order a healthy modification to what’s listed on the menu and the restaurant completely f$%ks up your order?  So what do you do?  You know subconsciously that if you send it back, it will be tossed out which is such a waste of food.  You can send it back if you choose, deal with it, or package it up and serve it to a homeless person.  Either way, this does happen and it just happened to me today which promoted my need to write about it!

First, as a lean and fit person, I have a limited tolerance for when a restaurant establishment serves me the wrong food.  The other day, I was served a Cesar Salad with chicken with a ton of dressing on the salad, croutons and other crap that I specifically ordered to be placed on the side.  This salad had more dressing on it than it had lettuce.  Disgusting.  In that scenario, I sent it back because it was completely toxic.  (I should’ve blogged about it when that happened, ugh!)Today, the salad that got delivered was turkey with a ton of tortilla strips and a dressing that is far from what I ordered.  So, instead of wasting mother nature since the dressing was on the side, I decided to work with it.  (see the video below)

So, to remain on track as best as you can with good healthy nutrition, you must always be specific with how you want your meal prepared.  The chef will put sauce and marinades on everything.  It’s up to you to always state the following when you order food:

1) dressing on the side

2) all sauces on the side

3) extra veggies

4) ample amount of protein

Don’t fret!  Educate your server with what you wish to consume.  Be specific.  If they mess up, then you must make an ethical decision at that point in time.  Use your judgement.  Make sure you don’t eat unhealthy especially if you ordered correctly!  Here is how I handled myself today..