Stock your fridge

At work and at home, keep your fridge stocked with healthy organic options that will help you succeed on your weight loss plan.  If your fridge isn’t stocked, you will make unhealthy choices.  You will turn to cupboard food.  You will overeat when the opportunities arise.  You will frequent fast food joints.  You name it, you will do it IF you do not keep a safe environment.  Make a grocery shopping date with yourself.  Maybe every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you go to the grocery store?  Or Thursday and Tuesday?  Make a plan to stock it with organic live produce and proteins so that you can ultimately go to work and be focused on your business and not on your deprived belly.

Small frequent meals will aid in:

  1. Good energy
  2. Decreased cravings
  3. Proper nutrition
  4. Adequate choices
  5. Less stress on what to eat
  6. Conscious thinking
  7. Visual cues for proper eating
  8. Corporate wellness and familial support

Grab a pen and paper and write down a list of what would be an optimal shopping list.  You’ve heard it before-anything on the perimeter of the market is most likely, not always, good to go!  Veggies, veggies and more veggies!  Protein.  Some fruit.  Water and non processed stuff!