George Foreman Breakfast Stir Fry


Like myself and the others whom I have the luxury to work with, we are all in a rush to get to work.  Many times, we will compromise our ability to eat breakfast before we run out the door, leaving us with zero breakfast in our hungry lil’ bellies when we arrive at work.  Does this sound familiar?  If so, do what we do here at my office.  Buy a George Foreman Grill that comes with detachable parts for omelet making and stir fry meals.  This grill is super easy to operate (I never read the directions-what else is new?) You put on the piece that makes what you wanna make.  The omelet attachment has 3 grooves for 3 small omelets that come out to approximately 12 grams of protein per omelet.  I like to load omelets up with veggies, 1 oz of white soft cheese (goat, feta or mozzarella) and sometimes an additional protein such as chicken or chicken sausage. You can buy the egg whites in a container so that you only have to pour the eggs into the divets along with the other ingredients.  Bring some other veggies to garnish the dish on the side and whallah!  You have an amazing breakfast.

Real quick review-what does the word breakfast sound like?  Say it out loud!!!  Yeah dude-Break- fast.  So, when you starve your body by skipping breakfast, you continue your fast into the morning hours which will lower your energy, lower your metabolism (no fat burning for you) and perhaps foster major cravings once noon hits.  Are you also one of those coffee guzzlers?  Oy!  Well, eat real wholesome food and you may not even need that cup of joe.  Or maybe you’ll still drink coffee but at least your body is getting what it needs….I am all about small frequent meals!

Here is another meal idea using the George Foreman grill:

Chicken sausage stir fry:

1 1/2 links cut into little pieces

1 cup of broccoli

1 cup of spinach

1/2 onion

2 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce or just plain butter spray

Stock your work fridge with ingredients that will make your mornings smooth. Here are some key things to stock in there:

-Turkey or chicken sausage

-Containers of egg whites

-Mixed vegetables

-Butter spray for the pan


-Side salad ingredients

-Side fruit ingredients

You can get real creative.  Just make sure you make breakfast one of your meal priorities.  After that, stick to 3-4 hour windows including small, frequent meals up until breakfast!  You got it?  Rock on with yourself!