Zen Foods day one

A busy week ahead of you?  Yeah, join the crowd.  Because I am going into my third round of editing for Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, I wanted to give myself a break from cooking, shopping, etc.  This is an option for you too.  You don’t have to be a celebrity (maybe you are within your own circle of friends) to live an easier lifestyle.

There are so many tools out there for you to turn to when times get busy and you want to stay on track with healthy meal intake and fitness programming.  I just saw a great Face Book post by Bill Phillips who is doing a body transformation for 12 weeks for anyone who needs a strict push.  That is one tool that you may choose.  I like to inform people of the tools that are out there so that choices could be made with an educated mind.  Maybe being in a competition can be your 12 week urgency factor.  Remember, the tool may not be one that you use forever.  However, each tool you use should help facilitate healthy sustainable habits that you can embrace….

So, if you hire a trainer or do Bill Phillips’ challenge, wouldn’t you also love to excuse yourself for a week or a month from worrying about what to cook while you focus on improving your mental and physical fitness levels?  If so, then hire a reputable food delivery service like Zen Foods!

Zen Foods is what I call a “mom and pop’s” company owned by a beautiful couple who has more passion for this business than I’ve ever seen.  I have several of my clients using them and they are not only happy, but every single one of them loses weight and feels great. I designed a meal plan based on the low glycemic diet.  All you have to do is call them and say that you want your days prepared the JZ way!  Ask for Kathy or Kane!  They know me!

They deliver all your meals in a cooler with 3 ice packs that keep the food temporarily refrigerated until you put it into your fridge.  You get the food the night before the day that you’re intended to eat it.  You will get 5 meals that include protein, veggies and fruits.  If you’re an elite athlete, you can consider eating grains too.  But you should really consider cutting those for 4 weeks while giving your brain the chance to eliminate cravings for high glycemic foods like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes (sweet potatoes are actually low glycemic!)

Here is my meal plan for tomorrow..Yummy!