Sweet tooth fillers

Just like a filling fills a cavity, a sweet fills a sweet tooth!  Modern day society waves the pointer finger in a side to side fashion as if to say, “no no-to all sweets” if you wish to be lean.  Well I say, “heck to that because I grew up with sweets my whole life.  I therefore have learned about how to fulfill that sweet tooth craving (gosh I have teeth that are sweet) without losing my hot bod!  (You gotta love yourself!)

So, I wish to post about how to have a sweet tooth and still be able to display a wide grin across my face in confidence after eating healthy sweets.  I have my favorites.  I love Carvel Ice Cream and Cheesecake, BUT, I wouldn’t be lean if I went to those places every day.  I therefore treat myself to these treats once to twice a month.  Other than that, each week, I must have some escape.  Eating straight veggies, protein and some fruit aint gonna cut it forever for most weight cutters. With that said, as long as you can control your portions, here are some healthy snack alternatives to those of you who need an escape:

Yum Nuts (1 fistful)

Chobani yogurt with fruit

1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese with berries and nuts

Nola Beet salad from Whole Foods

Two Moms in the Raw chocolate and almond truffle (only one people!)

Veggie/Fruit drink (1 fruit in green veggies tossed in your Vitamixer)

Make your own trail mix (10 dark chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of berries, 1 fistful of almonds)

Voila!  You can eat these things in moderation and still be lean…Remember, your lifestyle is that of a lean healthy person.  You are never on a diet.  Find things that allow you to feel good about your journey.  You don’t want to feel off of anything.  Be on!  Remain in the action of making great choices for yourself!  Make sure you exercise just so your body is always burning-Burn baby burn!!!