Salmon pinwheel snack

Small frequent meals are so extremely important for those of you who wish to have the most optimal physique.  When you eat small meals, you are never full, nor are you ever hungry.  You are satiated.  You are satisfied.  You are okay with your physiological state due to the fact that you know you get to eat in 3 hours from that point.  Eating every 3-4 hours not only allows you to make wiser food choices, but it keeps your metabolism moving.  Did you know that each time you eat, you burn calories to digest the food.  Hold on though!  Don’t think that stuffing your face will burn more calories.  I am talking about the thermic effect (or heat building factor) by the body to break down the food in the gut and assimilate the molecules to the cells for energy.  You can optimize that thermic response in the body by eating small frequent meals.

Let’s first understand what a small meal is.  Do not overindulge in either macronutrient (carb-fat-protein).  Overindulgence of either will make you F-A-T!  You want the right proportion each day, perhaps the 40/30/30 split is a great start for most where 40% of your calories is coming from protein and the other 60% split into carbs and fats.  Everyone is unique and individual which is why I work one on one with people to establish the right distribution. We will go over this more in other posts and you can even work with me individually to know your right distribution.

For today, I wanted to present a nice snack that I personally love: 4-6 pinwheels on top of a whole cucumber with a green drink will give you the right healty fats, carbs and protein for a snack. For some people, this is a very small snack.  For me, it was perfect since I haven’t exercised yet for the day.  This was meal #2 out of 6!

Where do you get these pinwheels?  Can you guess?  Whole Foods-(who doesn’t pay me to talk about them by the way, at least not yet! HA!)  It is in the seafood department and the company is Spence and Co LTD. They sell both farm raised and wild versions of the same snack.  Because I am a wild girl, I like wild fish, and so should you.  I am not a big fan of farm raised fish.  Just weird to even think about eating fish from a pond when I used to swim in ponds as a kid and always wondered why the pond wasn’t clean on any level.  Trash, dead fish, bugs, and what appeared to be sewerage(thanks Mom for letting me swim in that! ugh!)

Get your small frequent meals in each day, my beautiful people..I will continue presenting you with more snack ideas and meal ideas in other posts..Make sure you navigate this whole site.  I will always give you great ideas if you are willing to read…The videos are always available under YourFitnessTips on YouTube!