Make Your Meal Fat Burning

There is so much resistance in the dieting world and dieters failing all the time.  Don’t you despise the word “fail”?  Ok, let’s drop that word immediately out of our vocabulary. Dieters aren’t meeting their own expectations of…Oh wait. The word dieter stinks too….Ok, enough with the PC stuff here.  Are these said people not interested in losing weight once and for all?  On the contrary.  They do (perhaps you too) but diets suck and they are way too restrictive.

So rather than enter into the corridors of another expensive or strict diet to try to look like the frail Hollywood stars (who aren’t necessarily healthy) whom you might think you admire, I suggest you start viewing your food as fuel and understand how to pair certain foods with others to optimize every meal (even with your treat meals).  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can occasionally enjoy that piece of warm bread at a restaurant without feeling guilty?  Well, here is how to turn your meals into fat burning meals so that you can truly optimize your life.  But wait, before I begin….Please note that when your body’s blood sugars aren’t too elevated, then your body is able to use all molecules for energy, including fat.  So by no means am I saying that the following options are ones to indulge in regulary.  I just want you to understand that you can cut back on the glycemic index of these foods if you combine these carbs with a protein and/or healthy fat.  So with that said, start looking at your fuel with a purpose.  Be sure to surround your plate with lots of items that grow from the ground, fall from a tree, run, fly and swim.  Yup, that simple.

  1. Bread and butter.  The butter (organic and grass fed) will minimize the insulin spike from the bread alone so butter your bread instead.
  2. Pizza is a great treat because there is oil on it which lowers the glycemic index of it.
  3. Crackers and cream cheese (and why not throw some lox on it?)  While there are many gluten free options, gluten free is still high glycemic and will spike your blood sugars without a fat and/or protein
  4. Whole grain turkey sandwich with avocado.  If you are gonna do a sandwich, at least choose whole grain, no wheat…The avocado is so good for you so add on a few slices.  The turkey slices should be nitrate free and feel free to add on some veggies to this sandwich.
  5. Baked potato with sour cream.  Be sure to have whole fat sour cream because fat free defeats the purpose.  Want a better option?  Choose a sweet potato instead since it has fiber in it and lots of vitamin A.
  6. Rice and chicken.  You can even add salmon to that or any other protein.  Remember that rice is high on the glycemic index chart.  Brown or white…Be sure to emphasize some veggies in this meal and make rice the third ingredient of the three.
  7. Pasta, tomato sauce and meatballs.  All from childhood.  They are all great.  There are some gluten free pasta options out there such as rice and quinoa pasta with no wheat.  However, you still need the meatballs.  Some people even like pasta with organic grass fed butter.
  8. Ditch the low fat and fat free ice cream and eat whole fat ice cream instead.  The low fat and fat free are loaded with sugar and will spike your blood sugars high.  The fat from the full fat ice cream will hinder a tremendous spike.

So those are some options to think about if you choose them.  Be wise with your meal pairing.  This is the fuel that gets you moving. Or it’s the fuel that gets you shlepping.  We get to choose how we feel every day.  Choose a life rich in life and mobility.  The fuel you put in your gas tank is how your engine will perform. It isn’t worth ignoring this.  If you need individual counseling on this, let me know.  I am here to help you. 

Check out the clip from Fox 4 News to see some other better option carbs for your convenience.