Wild Pollack and Lotsa Veggies

Here’s to a great night with my sister over for dinner.  What a night it was-true sisterly love.  Both of us fresh out of showers after a very active day.  We reminisced, laughed, teared up and shared our sisterly love over a delicious meal that I put together very quickly.  Just as you would think, oh gosh, I want my sister to eat the best dish and I have no time to prep and slave in the kitchen.  No need. I am providing you with a quick solution.  No need to waste time in the kitchen and lose valuable time that you can be spending with your sis.  Cook up this dish and she will find more love in her heart for you than ever before!

This dish was so easy to make.  While I love fresh fish, I cannot always buy it and cook it in time.  I therefore tend to buy frozen fish and store it in the freezer for these special types of nights.  All grocery stores have them, just ensure that you do not purchase fried fish patties.  Buy them as plain as can be, and that will leave you in control over how you season it.  I love wild fish over farm raised.  It isn’t always more expensive.  I find that pollack and cod are pretty cheap wild white fish to buy.  Fresh veggies at the farmer’s market are always  best, but for this particular dish, I purchased some bagged and frozen veggies.  I am one busy gal, so I hear ya!!!  Check it out:

What to buy:

  1. Wild White Fish (cod, pollack, halibut, sea bass): Fresh or Frozen
  2. Butter
  3. Capers
  4. Garlic
  5. Frozen cauliflower rice (from Trader Joes): If you cannot find this, then grate a cauliflower into a plate to use as rice
  6. Crimini Mushrooms
  7. Brussels sprouts
  8. Grapeseed oil
  9. Ground pepper
  10. Paprika
  11. Balsamic glaze
  12. Coconut aminos

What to do:

Easy, easy, easy!  Make sure you defrost the frozen fish if you buy frozen.  If not, start up the BBQ grill or set the oven at 375 degrees F and place the fish on a non-stick pan (or with foil under it).  On top, sprinkle some fresh squeezed garlic, a tsp of organic butter and some capers.  Bake or BBQ until cooked through.  Keep an eye on it because the fish will dry out if you don’t.  The fish doesn’t need longer than 10 minutes, depending on your oven situation.

In the meanwhile, prep the veggies.  In a tin, put the brussels sprouts on drizzle some grapeseed oil on top along with ground pepper and paprika.  Put these veggies in the oven/BBQ next to the fish.  If you cut the brussels sprouts in 1/2 or buy them that way, they cook through quicker.

While all THAT is happening, grab the cauliflower rice, mushrooms, balsamic glaze, coconut aminos and a skillet for the stove.  Line the pan with some grapeseed oil and get that cauliflower rice cookin’.  Once the rice starts to cook within 1 minute, add the mushrooms (break them up into the rice) and add the glaze and aminos to the mix.  Mix thoroughly.

Once everything is done (within 12-14 minutes), take out a plate and line it with the cauliflower rice medley.  Then top the rice with the fish, capers and surround the whole dish with brussels sprouts to make it colorful and pretty!  This was such a great dish that I look forward to you trying it.  Yum yum in my tum tum!  Love you Sista! xo JZ