Seafood Mashed Cauliflower Medley

This was a keeper. Not only did I get a, “Since when are you a great cook, honey!” from my man, but I too was shocked on the extraordinary taste of this dish.  (BTW, he generally loves my cooking, but this one was out of this world!)  Remember, when putting your meals together, you want protein, carbs and fat at every single meal.  Let’s see if you can pick out the macros from this meal.

So this meal is easy to make.  Just follow the directions below and boom-you will be providing those you love with explosions of awesomeness on their taste buds.

What to get:

There are three parts:

The seafood: combo of shrimp, scallops and calamari (you can get all three in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s)

Asparagus: Just get a bunch and lightly salt it. You may even top it with some olive oil.

Olive oil


The Cauliflower Mash (to replace potatoes).  One big head of cauliflower

Crushed garlic



Low sodium chicken or vegetable broth

Light cream cheese


What to do with all of this:

Keep it so simple.  Get your BBQ grill started and put the asparagus on it with the salt and dash of olive oil.  While that is cooking, be sure to defrost any frozen fish (I like to put it under cold water or bathe in a pot of cold water for 10 minutes).  In a huge pot, bring it to boil and then dump the cut up cauliflower into the pot.  Once it boils, pour into a sifter and allow all water to drain off.  Once dry, put the hot pieces into a Vitamix blender (or any industrial blender) and add in all the ingredients: fill up the blender with low sodium broth, put in 2 tbsp of low fat cream cheese, pepper, and some crushed garlic-blend till smooth.

Heat up some butter and crushed garlic for the fish to cook in.  Once the fish is defrosted, then toss into about 1/2 cup butter with crushed garlic and allow to fully cook.  I gauge this by the shrimp.  They start out purple, but once they turn orange, you are good to go.  The other fish do not take longer than the shrimp so those should be good too.

Once everything is done cooking, then place the mash on the plate, alongside about 8 pieces of asparagus, and 1/2 cup – 1 cup of the seafood.  I topped the mash with 3 slivers of avocado to act as garnish.  You can even add other garnish to the mash such as cilantro or basil.  Enjoy!