Non-Spaghetti and Meatball Blend

“I’ll take another serving-thank you!”, said JZ in the past.  That was for spaghetti, but hold the meatballs.  I didn’t eat red meat when I was a child.  But filler’ up on that spaghetti with pasta sauce and JZ was smilin’.  The New Yorker at heart I was and still am, which is why I am always, and I mean always, aiming to please you with your favorites in a modified low GI form.   And yes, my food rocks da house so don’t think I am some sort of diet freak.  I love food too, thank you very much!

Today I went to Trader Joes (TJ’s) and asked 2 employees about what veggies would go well with turkey meat balls in substitution of spaghetti.  One guy stated that he was new and couldn’t answer questions and the other recognized me from last time when I was looking for minced garlic, which they didn’t have.  He also didn’t know!  So, both employees went to the big dog standing by the lettuce  bags, who stated that he blends the kitchen sink into a pot with a marinara sauce to come up with this big hearty blend.  Broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach and whatever he can get his hands on.  Wow!

And so, after deep thought with my boys, I came up with the following dish.  And “OMG” is it good good good!

What to get:

  1. Empire lean turkey meat (get the lean)
  2. Minced garlic, shallots and onions (TJ’s has it pre-minced which works for my busy schedule)
  3. Crushed garlic (not the pasty kind-it’s more minced, fresh garlic which you may need to get at another store)
  4. Fresh ground pepper (the pepper in a turnstyle device that crushes it directly into your dish like they do at restaurants)
  5. Ariabatta Sauce (ridiculously amazing)
  6. Bag of organic spinach
  7. Bag of cruciferous crunch collection (a TJ thing)
  8. Italian seasoning
  9. Powdered garlic
  10. Egg whites
  11. Almond meal (1/4 cup-1/2 cup)
  12. Parmesan cheese (sprinkle it)
  13. Asparagus

What to do:

Meatballs first: Directly in the pan that the turkey comes in or be classier and mix in a bowl like a normal human being; combine the turkey with all the spices, garlic, almond meal, egg whites (1/4 cup), parm cheese, and pepper and blend together.  Then on a pan, spray the pan with non-stick spray and form small turkey meatballs along the tray.  Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes

Next: Take all the veggies, that is the asparagus, the broccoli and the bags of greens and throw it all into a wok (you wanna wok this way-hee hee, just kidding!) With 3-4 tbsp of olive oil and some water in the wok, turn the heat up and start sauteing those vegaroos for about 4 minutes.  Do not overcook them.  Turn the stove off and wait till the meatballs are ready-as in zero pink in the center.  Once they are, then throw the meatballs into the veggies along with the Ariabatta sauce and heat up for 3-5 minutes.  You may then gather 2 cups of those veggies and serve on a plate.  To top it, serve approximately a palm full size of turkey meat balls over the cooked veggies and enjoy this hearty non-spaghetti and meatball blend.  Ooh so good and very healthy.