Eat Anywhere and Be Optimal

The number one excuse I hear when people come to me for coaching is that they travel a lot which doesn’t permit them to eat well.  Come on, really?  No matter where you go, except for the occasional sushi restaurant that doesn’t have a no rice option, you can modify the menu wherever you go.  Read my tool #74 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  It is always possible if you possess the desire to eat well.  I understand that you might like that warm bread delivered to you prior to your meal and the fried calamari with extra marinara sauce that just melts in your mouth.  However, none of this stuff is going to position you at your optimal best.  So therefore, modify the menu, choose to live the lifestyle wherever you go, and you will be A-ok!

My guy and I were out on a rooftop bar in Kansas where the food isn’t exactly the healthiest and while everyone else was eating nachos, burgers and french fries, we chose healthy salads with dressing on the side.  We drank water instead of beer.  We literally went here because of the ambiance, and the fact that this place had televisions which allowed us to watch sports while we spent time for an hour.  My point is this, no matter where you go, you can always eat clean.   Here is a sample template to use when choosing what to order:

Protein: grilled chicken

Healthy Fat: avocado and pecans

Carbs: all the veggies and any dressing you use (even though it might be oil based which is also a fat)

The dressing is always placed on the side so that I can control how much dressing is used.  I also took the cheese and bacon off the salad because many times salads will come loaded with cheese.  Just a heads up on cheese for all you cheese heads: cheese is a condiment.  You must therefore limit your cheese intake to the size of your pinky.  Look at your pinky finger.. Uh huh!  That’s what they all say!  So, treat it like a condiment as you do your dressing and you will be awesome!  Enjoy your times out with the company you go with vs. the food you used to gorge yourself with.  None of that stuff is healthy for the body so why torture your body with junk?  Your body is your temple.  Honor it and treat it with respect, even when you’re out!