Who needs Egg McMuffins for Breakfast

What is up with the bacon trend?  Everyone who is looking to lose fat insists on eating bacon.  Is this ok?  If you ask the age management medical doctor I work with, he will say, do it!  Why?  Apparently, pig fat will not affect your cholesterol values as much as high glycemic carbohydrates do.  Which carbs are high GI?  Sigh.  Read my book please.

And so, while I will entertain a little bit of bacon in your life, please note that I am not a big believer of eating it all the time.  That is only my personal opinion of course.  Aside from the fat, the sodium is high and there isn’t a lot of protein in it to claim it’s nutritional benefits as part of the meal.  However, according to some, bacon flavors the dish beyond belief and is a necessity of life.  For those of you who hold this belief, I have decided to dedicate this meal to you.  Bacon egg muffin. Yup!

If pork ain’t your thing, do turkey bacon, like me.  Look for nitrate free, hormone and antibiotic free bacon.  You can get this at any store.  When you look at the label, you will notice that the nutritional facts align with my points above.  So, go ahead and take one slice per muffin and place it into your own magical experience as outlined below:

What to get:

  1. Bacon or turkey bacon (nitrate, hormone and antibiotic free)
  2. Egg whites
  3. Grated parmesan cheese
  4. Organic spinach
  5. Organic broccoli
  6. Spice of choice or garlic

What to do:

Get out a cupcake tray-not like you should technically own such a pan since you never eat cupcakes of course (right?).  But with the cupcake pan, you can make multiple bacon egg muffins.  Heat the oven for 350 degrees. Simply peel out a slice of bacon from the package and place on the outside round edge of the pan.  Inside the bacon, pour in some egg whites.  In the egg whites put in a few spinach leaves and broccoli pieces.  Sprinkle a little bit of paremsan cheese on top.  If you like spice like pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika or garlic powder, rock it!  Do it.  Own it!

Bake the muffins for 20-30 minutes.  Check on these things every so often to ensure you are not overcooking your muffins.  Once you see the eggs are fully cooked, take the pan out, let it cool, and then manja!  You may enjoy 2-3 muffins at a time.  You may serve these muffins with a side salad if you wish.  Remember, eat those vegetables all day long and you will keep your gut strong!