Quick Salad N Pre-Made Protein

Not everyone likes eating salads all the time, especially ones that are pre-made.  Sometimes its nice to have the power of producing your own salad, but building it from ingredients that are ready to eat might be better for some of you.  I personally like to grab the whole kitchen and shove it into one big delectable salad.  So yum!  Make sure you have the following ingredients:


Let me get a what what!!!

  1. Pre-made chicken patties (Trader Joes)
  2. Romaine lettuce (I do the organic in the bag-EASY!)
  3. Persian cucumbers
  4. Strawberries
  5. Pepperocinis
  6. Cesar Salad dressing (2 tbsp ONLY!)

What to do:

You really don’t need to do much.  I like my chicken patty hot.  So, nuke that thang and then cut it into pieces to place over the salad.  Grab 3 large handfuls of  lettuce, cut up 1 cup of organic strawberries in for a little sweetness and add the other stuff.  Be careful with the dressing.  2 tbsp means 2 tbsp. Notice I am using a regular dressing.  I am not a fat free, low cal kinda girl.  I feel that as long as you can control yourself, you can go for taste. No self control?  Then yes, buy lite dressing, or none at all. This will count as one of your meals.  Got it?  Now do it!