Subway-Fast Food Fridays

You can rest assure that you will not see a single sandwich on this list.  I was told that their salads are pretty dang good, so on my way home from lululemon tonight, I decided to sneak in since I was not in a cooking mood today.  They had three salads.  I chose the chicken salad (they have the double portion for you boys!) I combined the lettuces since I am not a huge fan of raw spinach.  I did 1/2 spinach and 1/2 iceberg.  Yes, iceberg isn’t the best from a nutrient standpoint, but it does carry water in it which is great.  You can get water from your veggies and fruits so I will always say yay!

I will list the full ingredients to my salad but what you must know is this-don’t go to a sandwich place hungry.  If you want, buy two salads; one for now and one for 2-4 hours from now.  If you are prepared for later, you will not desperately reach for the candy jar, or power bar (those are glorified candy bars-sorry!) and you will also avoid binging at night which for most is the problem.

So here is the JZ FITNESS approved list from Subway.  Bare in mind for a moment that the quality of protein meat isn’t optimal, but heck, it isn’t every day that you are eating this stuff. So with grace and pleasure, I present to you yet another menu of options for your convenience:

Chopped Salad with either turkey, chicken, or 1 scoop of tuna salad (not the least fattening but one scoop won’t hurt ya:  In my salad, I put 1/2 spinach and 1/2 iceberg, olives, pepperocinis, cucumbers, peppers and 2 tbsp of their balsamic dressing.  I don’t care what dressing you use. Stick to only 2 tbsp.  I did not put cheese on my salad-no need!  No bread at all in this meal.  Bread is a processed food and will spike your blood sugars.  This will hinder fat loss. No es bueno!

You might have been expecting more options, but unfortunately, this is all that is JZ FITNESS approved.  Oh well!  One option is better than none.  Enjoy my video!  Cheers!