Who’s Callin’ Who a Shrimp?

Remember the expression, you are what you eat?  Well, yes, that is indeed true.  If you eat food that is pro-inflammatory, you will be a forest fire with aches and pains and fat accumulating physiology.  Wanna eat pro-inflammatory food?  Good luck with that!

Real quickly, you will notice that the meals provided on this site are NOT pro-inflammatory.  When you adopt a low glycemic plan, you retard inflammation which will in the end age you gracefully.  I like the 10 year rule.  As long as people are guessing that I’m ten years younger, I am good to go.  And I am the proof.  I pride myself on discovering yummy foods that aren’t pro-inflammatory and that keep your internal environment safe from inflammation.  So, navigate this site and put together your menu.  You will not only lose any fat you wanna lose, but you will age well and feel better.  Ain’t that a plan?

So, check out these two dishes I provide you with shrimp.  Simply get the frozen shrimp from any health food store.  In a perfect world, the shrimp is wild vs. farm raised.  Once you get the shrimp tray, defrost it.  Take out about 6 shrimps and put some of the cocktail sauce in a small container for the shrimp.  Split that into 2 servings.  Then, use the remainder of the shrimp and pop them on the grill along with anything else you are prepping that week.  If you wish, start with the shrimpees and flip em after 2 minutes since they are already cooked.  After blackening them, bring ’em off the BBQ grill and place on the side.

What ya need:

  1. Shrimp cocktail ring
  2. Bag of brussels sprouts
  3. Butter lettuce
  4. Cucumber
  5. Heirloom cherry tomatoes
  6. Avocado

A BBQ grill and propane.  Remember to be prepared with this.  Always have these two things ready.  Always own extra propane because that stuff goes bye bye quicker than you’d like!  You may click that statement for another BBQ grilling experience in 1-2-3!

Here are the two dishes:

1) Shrimp cocktail with brussels sprouts

Follow the directions above.  This is for a snacky: 6 shrimp, 2 tbsp of cocktail sauce and about 6 BBQ brussels sprouts.  Yes, get those brussels sprouts on the grill too and plan on blackening them for 8 minutes after putting the grapeseed oil and a dash of salt on

2) Shrimp salad

After BBQ the shrimp, get your greens, that is butter lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumber, avocado and put the shrimps on the top of that.  You will not need dressing since avocado will be your dressing replacement.  Trust me, it tastes nice and clean.  Retrain the brain and your body will follow.

Enjoy!  And certainly enjoy the video below.