Wild Salmon and BBQ Veggies

Ever wonder why being on a health kick is so dang boring?  It’s simple!  You need to read the JZ Fitness Nutrition blog more often. Eating healthy is NOT boring-I repeat, it is NOT boring!  You need variety.  You need easy.  You need cheap.  I get it!  I live it, breathe it and believe in it.  Stop reading the nonsense out there and start honing your nutrition today using my blogs.  Keep in mind-I have a load of experience coaching people on proper nutrition-specifically for those people who come to me for age management.  Remember, weight loss should really be about allowing the body to exist without intentionally aging it.  Eating poorly ages the body.  Being overweight ages the body.  Eating processed foods age the body.  Inactivity ages the body!!!!  So with that said, stop being boring and try this amazing dish out.  So easy.

I got the following ingredients:

  1. Wild Salmon (5-6 oz)
  2. Zucchini (4 large sliced into discs)
  3. Heirloom tomato
  4. Turmeric
  5. Nutiva Coconut Oil (1 tbsp on the fish)

Ok, that’s it for this dish.  Now, all you have to do is this: Do you have a BBQ grill?  If not, use an open stove top…Otherwise, simply take the wild salmon and put it onto the grill with the coconut oil slabbed on it.  (sounds appealing).  Next, while the salmon is cooking, you can slice the zucchini up into horizontal 1 inch discs.  Place each disc independtly onto the grill.  Do the same for the tomato, but put some turmeric on the tomato.  You can also choose to put some of that spice onto the zucchini too.  Once everything is grilled and you’ve done your flip over(make sure not to burn your food on each side), take it all off the grill and top the salmon with the sliced grilled tomatoes, load your plate with some zucchini and boom-dinner OR lunch is served!  Less than 20 minutes!