Vegan Soup

I always look for easy, and I mean extremely easy, ways to stay fit, eat right, and actually eat foods that are super yummy and filling.  Part of what I see with the people I coach is that they choose minimal amounts of food for their meals (such as one piece of chicken at dinner, a few carrot sticks for a snack, an apple for snack)…And then they don’t lose weight.  Of course not!  I could NEVER live like that.  In fact, I am convinced that those people who log such frugal days get so dang hungry the next day that they eat whatever they can get their hands on and then don’t tell JZ!  Is that possible?  Uh, yeah!

So, if you are wise, you will consciously “shop” my blog site and look for easy, affordable nutrition tips that you can adopt and prepare in no time at all, graduating you to a healthy way of life.  This is what it takes to break the chains of obesity.  It is all about having tools.  I will provide you with those tools.  It is up to you to use those tools, every day!  If you won’t use the tools that I provide, you must ask yourself what it is that’s holding you back.  What do you need to move past the behaviors that aren’t working for you?  It is up to you to come to this realization.  No book, no blog, no show will get you to realize this.  It is the mindset that drives the behavior.  You want to be lean?  Then follow the healthy leaders that you admire.  If I am one of them, great!  Give yourself a chance to evolve.  You must not think that perfect exists right this second and that you must master all that I write about over night.  Actually, perfect never exists, so stop striving for something that doesn’t exist.  Take this journey one day at a time.  Be available to yourself for change.  Change always makes us stronger.  Embrace the changes you need to, but just choose one thing to focus on each day.  I give you such viable tools in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools so that you are not alone in this journey!

So, I wanted to make a vegan soup yesterday because I am on a quest to provide people with the tools of increasing vegetable consumption in any way I can.  Did you realize that you can just make a whole pot of this soup, drink it, and get a big whopping 2-3 servings of veggies just in 2 cups?  And, get this, it is VERY low fat, low sugar, low everything.   You can drink this all day long and do very well with your veggie intake.  The only thing to avoid, is too much of the quinoa that I put in.  There is a remedy to this.  Just measure out 1/4 cup of quinoa before you pour the broth in.  Simple enough.

So, go to Trader Joe’s today and purchase the following items:

  1. Frozen TJ’s Quinoa Duo with vegetable Melange
  2. Shredded Green Cabbage in a bag
  3. TJ’s organic cut and peeled baby carrots
  4. Broccoli and cauliflower duet medley in a bag
  5. Organic hearty vegetable broth in a box
  6. TJ’s organic onions, shallots and garlic in a container
  7. Italian Organic parsley
  8. Minced garlic pieces
  9. Cayenne pepper
  10. Salt and pepper

Very simply, pour the 2 containers of broth into a big pot.  Let that simmer to a slight boil.  Add in all of the vegetables. Just stir for about 10 minutes and bon apetit!  Amazing and easy and time saving!  See?  EASY!