Chicken, Kale and White Bean Soup

One way of getting your fluid and nutrients in for the day is to simply make a home made soup.  I love soup especially during flu season.  In order to reduce your likelihood of getting violently ill, you must keep the host strong.  The host is you.  Our friend who is a chiropractor in Connecticut, Matt Cucolo, once stated, keep the host strong and nothing will go wrong.  This is true, for the most part.  I will state that you must must must keep sugar intake low.  Sugar is the breeding ground for viruses so yup, if your throat tickles, avoid that gallon of OJ.  It’ll make your situation worse!

So, this soup that you’re so excited to learn about;  Yum!  I was so inspired to cook a soup that had a ton of kale in it, because guess what?  Kale is amazing for good gut health.  A healthy gut is a healthy body.  I’ve said this before (at least I have in my book), that your gut is your second brain.  So, kale, is good for the gut and if you have a healthy gut, that you are less likely to get sick.  So, below is the soup recipe that is super duper easy.  Keep in mind, I am a trainer, a writer, a lifestyle coach, a corporate wellness director, and an age management lifestyle counselor.  I am more, but my point is, I don’t have time to stand in the kitchen for hours prepping food, and neither do you, right?  So, all my meals under the nutrition tab under blogs are very quick, healthy and low glycemic.  Check them out.  Make this year healthy because you have the tools to do so!  You have (wink!)

Chicken Kale and White Bean Soup

  1. Going through the aisles at Whole Foods yesterday, this is what I bought:
  2. 1 full organic roasted chicken (precooked)
  3. two 32 oz organic low sodium vegetable broth containers
  4. 1 can of white beans
  5. 1 package of pre-cut organic kale
  6. 1 pack of organic celery sticks
  7. paprika
  8. cayenne pepper
  9. fresh crushed pepper
  10. kosher salt

I kinda just tossed the ingredients in after about 4 minutes of warming all that broth.  I stirred it on a low flame until it was heated.  Remember, everything is already cooked, so the wait time to making this soup is easy and quick (maybe 10 minutes max).  And, this soup is delicious. If you have a big family, just double the portions on everything since the above recommendation feeds approximately four.  I already had 2 servings tonight.  I am one hungry little girl!  LOL…The great news is, it’s low calorie and low glycemic.  Check out my video..