Taco Bell-Fast Food Friday

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen!  As promised, I will be featuring one fast food joint a week to help you all make wiser choices when you are bombarded in one of these underoptimal establishments.  I have learned in all the years of being a fitness expert that people are going to go to fast food chains no matter what I say.  So, I might as well provide the tools to eating the healthiest possible, right?  My friend, who is also a trainer, said to me the other day, “That’s like choosing a healthier narcotic!”  Well, at least I am aiming at helping the bigger cause, which is to help people break their chains of obesity, one step at a time.

So, let’s take Taco Bell for example.  My friend used to call this place Taco Smell because of the flatulence it caused her.  Well, that’s a bit too much TMI on this Friday, but that goes to show you that many of the items on this menu would most likely not have the JZ stamp of approval.  The following menu items do have my stamp if you have to go there.  Just remember, the quality of protein is not JZ approved simply because I do not know their prepping style, so you always risk putting suboptimal protein into your Temple!  Remember, with all meals to order sauces and dressings on the side.  Always!!

Cantina Bowl from the Cantina menu (it is all mixed veggies and grilled chicken so put sauce on the side of course!)

One side of Cantina style chicken, pico de gallo or chopped tomatoes and 3 tbsp of guacamole(for those of you who want a quick snack just mix those three together)

Unfortunately, there are no other meals I would recommend at this place.  If you have questions about other options, I always welcome them.  Otherwise, those are the two options to choose from.  Slim pickings, but when you go with my options, you will be working toward breaking your chains.  You don’t need the fried stuff, the breads or tortillas.  Stay away from nachos and chips…Away, I say, ayt?  When you eat like that, you stay bound by those mental chains.  Break those mental chains by going to these establishments with a plan of action. Break your chains ladies and gentlemen!  You have the power to do this!  Enjoy my post Spin class video below. Dang do I look hot! LOL….