TJ salads by JZ FITNESS

It’s simple, I get it! You don’t have time.  Then go to Trader Joes or Whole Foods or any one of those health food stores and grab a salad or healthy meal. Keep in mind that not everything in these places are healthy.  In fact, the whole gluten free craze, and low carb statements are common statements we read and hear about every day.  But at the end of the day, a carb is a carb and if the carb enters the blood stream quickly, then it is a high GI carb, which will inhibit fat loss.

And so, once my app comes out on iphones, you will receive over 50 low GI meal suggestions that you can make daily.  If you don’t cook, yet you want to be optimal, simply have a couple of pre-made salads on hand as an option. Here are the ones from Trader Joes that make the cut:

  • Lemon chicken salad
  • Kale and chicken salad
  • Shrimp and surimi salad
  • Chicken Cesar salad (onely 2 tbsp dressing and ditch the croutons)
  • BBQ chicken salad (ditch the cheese)
  • TJ’s classic Greek salad

Plenty to choose from.  Don’ t live off these salads cause they still have some preservation going on with them, just minimal.  Don’t count the calories-think sugar.  That is why none of these salads should have grains of any sort in them.  Ditch the grains, eat 5 times daily, drink your water and boom, you will feel amaaaaaazing!

To your health! JZ