JZ Fitness LOVES My Fit Foods

I get so happy and feel so amazing from deep down into the pit of my stomach when I see other trainers out there who bring tools to America  to help break the chains of obesity.  So many people have no idea what to eat, how to cook, how to couple the right amounts of macronutrients together or pack their food for the day.  This may very much be you whom I speak of which is why you and others are not reaching healthy body composition goals.  If fast food is in your mix of choices and you are always on the go, then you would be shocked to learn about My Fit Foods, a fitness fast food joint that is prepacked, pre-portioned out, and ready to be eaten.  Yes, that simple!

My Fit Foods has an awesome setup.  You walk in and are immediately greeted by friendly team players.  They walk you around the perimeters of the store where huge refrigerators line the walls and extend from ceiling to floor.  The meals are split up into Breakfast, Lunch,  Dinner and Snacks.  There is a dining room for seating which has microwaves to heat up your food.  And get this!  They even have a 21 day challenge.  This is my favorite part.  Why?  Because when you are involved in something, you might be motivated to stay focused on the elements of shift.  Being in your skin at this present moment, is not where you are comfortable.  So, something needs to shift.  Consider the things that might need to shift:

Nutrition (If you don’t cook, deliver or pick up…But, make the right choices!)

Fitness (schedule your exercise every week.  Train your body to age well.  Fitness is your medicine!)

Lifestyle (stress management, sleep quality, breathing, relaxation techniques)

You get to hone in on the areas of your life that need shifting.  I understand a busy schedule that doesn’t offer a 25th hour in the day.  Yes, it stinks.  But, when we shift our way of thinking away from feeling victimized in our sub-optimal situations, we are easily able to shift towards the results we’ve been yearning for.  This post hones in on convenience, good healthy nutrition and feeling welcomed, all of which are offered through My Fit Foods.

Please check out the list of items below that have the JZ Fitness stamp of approval.  Other meals that do not fall on this list contain rice and potatoes.  I am not a big fan.  For most people, especially those of you who do not work out for more than an hour a day at high intensities, don’t need those high glycemic carbs.  Stick to the list below and rotate through them for 21 days.  You will see some beautiful adjustments to your figure.  Be sure to mention Jenn Zerling or JZ to whomever rings you up.  They will give you a free meal. Moving forward, they will add your information to their system and then you become part of their referral network.  For every new person you send there, My Fit Foods will place $5 onto your account towards your next meal.  Rewards are awesome incentives and great business practice.  Why not be rewarded with My Fit Foods Club Credit, while helping someone you care about optimize their health?  This is such a win/win situation, wouldn’t you agree?  Check out my video below.  Find the closest My Fit Foods to you.  It’s time to truly break your chains.  You’ve certainly got the tools in place…


JZ Fitness Approved items from My Fit Foods

Not everyone can afford a meal delivery service such as Zen Foods  or Paleta (JZ Fitness items at these places too so inquire with them and mention my name so they know how to feed ya!)

Therefore, consider your new solution-My Fit Foods.  Yummy, well proportioned and affordable!

Meal #1 or Meal #2

  • Kale and Links
  • Mike’s Rise and Shine

Meal #3 or #5

  • Brady’s Cobb Salad
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Berry Salad
  • Gimme More Chicken Salad
  • Greek Goddess Salad
  • Chargrilled Crazy Chicken
  • Turkey Meatloaf
  • Beef it Up
  • Butternut Porkloin
  • Denyse’s Killuh Chili
  • Fit Nugget Nation
  • Ninja Tenderloin
  • Pear Salmon
  • Roasted Vegetable Dinner (Add chicken or salmon)
  • Wes’ Country Dinner

Meal #2 or #4

  • Chicken Fruit Bowl
  • Egg-o-licious
  • Skip Jack Tuna
  • Healthy Hummus Bowl

Once you make your selection, your My Fit Foods team player will walk you out the door after tying up your bundle of food with a fancy bow.  A company based out of Texas from it’s induction certainly has brought chivalry back to the table…