Breakfast is a Must

How many of you skip breakfast?  If so, this article is for you.  If you do not skip breakfast, then I will still provide you with some valuable tool(s) anyway.  In the 13 years of being a fitness expert, I can tell you that when people eat breakfast, and 4 meals on top of that throughout their day, they are far less likely to binge eat at their last meal of the day.  Some of us, depending on how much physical activity we get each day, can even afford to consume between 6-8 meals a day.  I ain’t talking about eating whatever you want each day for your meals, rather, I’m referring to meals that align with my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  Clear concise decisions on meal consumption is key.  But without any doubt, it all begins with an optimal breakfast.

In short, breakfast is what it sounds like, breaking a fast.   So, stop operating on empty and train your body to pump up the metabolic engine by breaking the lows and eating first thing in the morning.  Many people have told me that they do not know what they should eat and are always in a rush to get out of their house and start their day.  Many people feel the burden of getting the kids out, the spouse smiling, and the business meeting prep ready which is why they skip breakfast to begin with. Wrong answer.  Does it make any sense that people are neglecting their own bodies to satisfy the needs of others?  What’s left for them?  This is where people go wrong.  You cannot, and I mean cannot sacrifice yourself to please the world.  You do such a disservice to your body and your mental health by sacrificing as such.  You will end up resenting people and life, and for some of you, turn to food throughout your day to decrease the frustrations you experience from such sacrifice.  It is up to you to shift your ways, yo!

So what do you do?  Follow these steps: First, take a deep breath the moment you open your eyes.  Next, thank your spiritual source for allowing you to open your eyes and taking that deep breath.  Afterwards, get out of bed and have a small plan to help you navigate through your morning.  If kids are climbing on your back the moment you rise, then get them to follow your lead.  If you’re dragging a$$, so will they.  So, don’t drag, march!  Make sure you go to the kitchen and prep breakfast for you, and if you’ve got one, for your family.  Afterwards, send everyone off on their merry way, and wish everyone a beautiful day.  Life is beautiful.  If you lack the sense of beauty in your life, then slow down and follow these steps.  This is your job.  No one will do it for you.

I know that most of you are looking for some JZ help for some easy on-the-go breakfast ideas.  So, assuming you set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than usual allowing you enough time to prep your breakfast, here are some quick ideas that can help start your day:

1) Eggology egg white scramble with spinach, tomatoes, onions and basil and a teaspoon of low fat feta or goat cheese. (total prep=14 these veggies precut OR cut everything up in the beginning of your week and put into separate containers so that you can toss stuff into your scramble 1-2-3)

2) Herbalife 24 line chocolate whey protein shake (know how much protein you need and that is how many scoops you use, a cup of kale, ice, water, 1 tbsp of Balanced Earth coconut peanut butter=yum!)

3) 365 (whole foods brand) fat free Greek Vanilla yogurt topped with 1 fistful of walnuts and 1/2 cup of berries

4) 1/2 cup-1 cup low fat Knudsen cottage cheese with 2 tbsp of crushed pecans and walnuts, 1/2 cup of berries

5) Salmon lox wheels: grab 4 oz of salmon with 1 triangle of laughing cow, to be placed on a whole cucumber (sliced into little discs) and eat them one by one. You can also have a fruit with this (either an apple, peach, pear, plum, orange, or half of grapefruit)

So, there are 5 options.  You can obviously make different types of eggs for your omelet to increase your options.  But the bottom line is this; everything above is low glycemic and nutritious.  Every breakfast should contain a protein, and perhaps a healthy carb and fat.  Remember, breakfast starts up your engine.  It is up to you to stop moving your vehicle without turning the engine on, otherwise you will feel like you are on the back of a tow truck for your entire day.  Break the chains from the tow and experience the freedom that healthy living brings.  It is my honor to share a video with the infamous Dr Rush, a spectacular Cenegenics doctor who works in our DC office.  As Dr Rush tells his patients; don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!  One day at a time will allow you to optimize your life.. You can do it! xo JZ