On the Road Again

Many of my patients travel all the time.  These executives go across the country every week, and for some, across the world. Each of them who aspire to lose weight, complain that it’s hard to do so on the road.  In other words, their lack of normalcy is holding them back from doing what they’re supposed to do.  Normalcy? Is there such thing for anyone these days?  As a work-a-holic myself working 10-12 hour days, I would say that there is no such thing as normalcy.  But, there is such thing as excuses.  Don’t take this too harshly please!

There are things you can do if you travel a lot.  Here are some tips:

  • -Always pack a wrap to take with you.  Go to Whole Foods Market and get a spinach wrap with turkey, lots of dark leafy lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and 1 slice of cheese.  No need for condiments or dressing with this scrumptious sandwich.  Even though I am not a fan of sandwiches, traveling with one curbs your desire to eat airplane junk food.

-Pack a few bags of individual sized almond snacks to take along with you.  Also pack a couple of apples, peaches or plums to eat with the almonds for some water and fiber.  Voila, you have a complete snack.

-In the airport, eat a salad with a protein.  Even though you have that sandwich with you, it would behoove you to buy and eat a healthy salad from virtually any place at the airport whether it be Burger King, Gladstones, a sports bar, or whatever they’ve got in your terminal.  Get those veggies and protein in and chances are, you’ll be filled for most of your flight.  Then, you can count on half of your wrap during flight (for the longer flight) or eat your wrap when you land.

-Drink lots of water when you fly and when you’re on the road.  Many times, you may behungry from dehydration when traveling.  Don’t let thirst confuse you from hunger

-Get up and stretch your body during flight so that you don’t get stiff.  Stiff joints decrease mobility for later.  No need for another excuse as to why you didn’t hit the hotel gym upon getting there, right?  Remember, movement is truly the best medicine for the joints anyway so if you are tight, stiff and feel discomfort, go to the gym and lube those joints.

-Schedule your exercise for when you’re away.  If you have early morning meetings, then perhaps an afternoon workout is better.  If your meeting starts at 8am, do a 20 -30minute Tabata session either in your room or at the hotel gym.  In short, pick 5 exercises and do each exercise for 20 seconds, as many reps as you can, while holding good form.  Recover for 10 seconds in between each set and rotate through the 5 exercises 5-8 times in total.

-Before flying, consume vitamin C, your multivitamin, fish oil and the Wellness formula from Whole Foods which contains some potent antioxidants along with echinacea.

-Try your best to avoid alcohol.  If you’re out to dinner meeting for business, then order a glass of wine and water so that you take longer to finish that glass of wine while others drink like fish.  While they drink like fish, you order the fish, ok?

-Get your sleep.  When you’re on the road and feeling jet-lagged, your lethargy can actually mess up your insulin levels causing blood sugar drops and cravings for sugar.  Those cravings will cause you to reach for a stack of chocolate chip pancakes in the morning instead of the egg scramble.  You will need at least 7 hours each night.  Sleep makes all the difference in both your mood and your physical well being.