Panda Express-Fast Food Friday

Happy Friday my darling readers!  If you are excited about ordering from Panda Express, then I share the excitement with you.  But, please allow me to preface, as I always do; I am all about treating your body like a temple, as seen in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools-chapter 3!  So, what does it mean to treat your body like a temple?  Here are my top 5 thoughts:

1) Eat organically

2) Eat lean proteins, grass fed beef (Kosher tastes the best to me), free range chicken, wild/Alaskan fish, cage free eggs

3) Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water a day

4) Get your sleep every day for a minimum of 7 hours a day

5) Move your body every day: yes!  Exercise too!

The list goes beyond 5 which is why I published my first book.  You must treat your body well otherwise your body will not be well.  When I post these fast food Friday posts, I do so to help guide you through every situation you encounter so that you are never in a pickle.  Panda Express is not organic, nor is it among the other things I mentioned, but, if you’re there, you might as well optimize your choices!

Choose only one of the following from Panda Express:

1) Steamed mixed veggies

2) Peppercorn shrimp dish with sauce on the side

3) Shanghai Asian Steak with sauce on the side

4) Black pepper chicken with sauce on the side

Remember, when you put the sauce on yourself, it should only equal 2 tbsp MAX!  If they cannot put the sauce on the side, walk out of that joint and go someplace else!

Here’s to a healthy year ahead! xo JZ