Suspension Training in 5 Moves

Suspension training is popular amongst the military and army personnel in that it is portable, takes up very little space, and allows you to train every muscle group in a challenging fashion anywhere.

Restoration Improvement

I spoke with one of my nutrition coaching clients today and they stated that they feel real guilty when they don’t exercise every single day, and sometimes 2 times a day.  While this may seem ridiculous to some people, it is a very common phenomenon that exists in the fitness...

3 Minute Plank Challenge

Planking has become one of the most popular “core” exercise known in the fitness industry. And as many of you might have noticed, it requires a lot of upper body strength, especially in the shoulders, abdomen, back and arms.

Doing Yoga Correctly

Yoga is a huge workout phenomenon in all major cities that are health conscious and looking to rise to a higher source. Here in Los Angeles, you see everyone wearing yoga pants, even if they aren’t going to yoga class. So why then is yoga so popular?

Stable to the Core

Creating stability by working on stabilization training in combination with core work will enhance one’s proprioception or the brain’s ability to know where the body’s limbs are in space.